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American Dream - Gover Ranch

Author by Cornerstone Community Bank
Tuesday, August 08, 2017

It’s been a while since Bre did her high school senior project on becoming a wedding planner, and her life’s path didn’t lead directly there, but today she and her family are making people’s wedding dreams come true in a picture-perfect, idyllic spot.

Though the ranch was once owned and operated by the Gover family, today it is owned by a new family partnership that is made up of Bre and her husband, as well as both of their sets of parents. Together they operate Gover Ranch as an event center and popular wedding venue. Rich with history, beautiful gardens and country paths, they’ve created a destination where treasured memories are created.

Gover Ranch is nestled in the oak-covered foothills of Anderson, a stone’s throw from the Sacramento River and Coleman Fish Hatchery. The new owners have been working tirelessly to ensure that the ranch remains one of Northern California's premier destination locations.

The two-acre open garden venue is surrounded by open country, with gazebos, pavilions, a rustic barn and more.

Most of the members of the new family partnership were born and raised in the North State, and they purchased the ranch in October 2016. “It was always our dream to live on property,” Bre says. “My husband has always loved hosting people. Then our dream evolved to a wedding venue. We wanted to buy a piece of property, build a house and then put a barn on it for a wedding venue.” It had also always been a secret dream of theirs to own a business in their hometown that allowed them to give back and be involved in their community, but that would also allow their dads to retire someday.

They talked to their parents about going in together to buy some land, but both of their fathers had said they would feel more comfortable to invest in an established business instead. “A week later, I saw Gover Ranch was for sale,” Bre says. “It felt like it was meant to be.”

After plenty of praying, talking, debating and researching, they wrote a business plan. “Everything kept falling into place, and it seemed easy and felt like it was truly meant to be, so now here we are,” Bre says.

Looking to the future, they’d like to convert a spacious barn (which used to be a walnut processing center) into an indoor ballroom that would be heated and air conditioned, so they could host events year-round, regardless of weather. “We want to do a raw wood look on the outside of the barn, but we want the inside to be finished and gorgeous,” she says. “We never stop dreaming.”

There are lots of reasons that Gover Ranch is special, not the least of which is what the Gover family contributed to the ranch and the North State as a whole. “We are taking over a place with so much history – they’ve done weddings here for more than 15 years,” Bre says. “We are taking over a place that is already so well known in the community, whether it was for weddings or for walnuts.”

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