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Business Loans

Cornerstone Community Bank is committed to serving your business financing and banking needs. Your needs, your goals, your financial requirements - these are the driving forces that shape the way we approach our work. We welcome the opportunity to create solutions, not sell products.

A Cornerstone Community Bank Business Loan may be your best choice if you need money to:

In most cases, a preliminary loan decision is available within 48 hours.

Business Lines of Credit

Cornerstone Community Bank can provide you with business lines of credit that offer:

Commercial Construction Loans

Cornerstone Community Bank is ready to provide financing to builders and developers in our market area. We also have a solid reputation for our expertise in construction lending and are committed to promoting housing construction and development throughout the local market.

Compare us to other sources and you will find Cornerstone Community Bank's program offers benefits that can't be matched.

And, we are able to identify potential problems before they occur and offer quick solutions. Financing is available for any of the following types of construction projects:

Letter of Credit

A Letter of Credit is provided on behalf of a bank client (borrower) promising that the bank will pay a third party an agreed-on amount of money, provided that certain documents described in the Letter of Credit are properly prepared and received by the bank within a specific time period. Generally Letters of Credit are irrevocable, which once accepted by the third party cannot be altered or canceled by the banks client (borrower).

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